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Rolph van der Hoeven argues as part of an international group of economists and social scientists in this booklet that austerity is bad economics, bad arithmetic, and ignores the lessons of history. Rolph and his co-authors are outraged at the narrow range of austerity policies which are bringing so many people around the world to their knees, especially in Europe. ‘Be Outraged’ argues that austerity measures and cutbacks are reducing growth and worsening poverty and that there are alternatives – for Britain, Europe and all countries that currently imagine that government cutbacks are the only way out of debt.


Rolph teaches labour market topics in 4130 Longrun and shortrun macroeconomic policies and development aid issues in 4312 International Financial reform in ECD. Rolph recently joined the new research programme Economics of Development and Emerging Markets (EDEM)

Be Outraged: There are alternatives

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