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UNFPA has made available an English language version of the Vietnamese Youth Development Strategy 2011-2020, and the Vietnamese Youth Law.

The Development Strategy document lists eight ‘Key Targets’ (p. 17). These include targets concerning the political socialisation of Vietnamese youth, targets on job creation for youth, education, life skills training, and the enhancement of the rights of migrant workers.  The last target in the list differs, however, a bit from these usual development targets:

‘Expectedly by 2020, the average height of 18-year young men and women to measure 1.67 meters and 1.56 meters, respectively’

This target suggests new ways of studying development, for example, it raises questions about the role of the body as both a ‘marker’ and ‘site’ of development.


posted by Roy Huijsmans

Vietnam News reports that in the period 2 January – 31 March 2013 Vietnamese citizens are invited to provide feedback to a series or proposed amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

Discussions on the listserve of the Vietnam Studies Group highligt what seems to be an important change concerning the provisioning of free primary education. Article 59 of the 1992 Constitution (amended 2001) states:

  • The citizen has both the right and the duty to receive training and instruction.
  • Primary education is compulsory and dispensed free of charge.
  • The citizen has the right to get general education and vocational training in various ways.
  • With regard to school students with special aptitudes the State and society shall create conditions for them to blossom out.
  • The State shall enact policies regarding tuition fees and scholarships.
  • The State and society shall create the necessary conditions for handicapped children to acquire general knowledge and appropriate job training.

The proposed amendment does not explicitly mention ‘free’ education but talks merely about the right and obligation of citizens to learn right.

Below the Vietnamese text:

Điều 42 (sửa đổi, bổ sung Điều 59)
Công dân có quyền và nghĩa vụ học tập.


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