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What do monarchies, breakfasts and sports have to do with one another?

The answer is partly revealed by this little post-it above, which presents the timetable of the ‘King’s games’ which is part of the ‘rituals’ created for the upcoming abdication of the Dutch queen and the passing on of the crown to her oldest son. The day starts with  a ‘King’s breakfast’ at schools across the kingdom, followed by a live-broadcast of the ‘kick-off’ of the games by the royal couple, and then the ‘games’ start.

According to a Dutch press release more than 7,500 schools will participate, involving more than 1.5 million children across the kingdom (including Carribean parts of the kingdom). Free and healthy breakfasts, a day full of sports and festive activities for school-children. Who can disagree with this? And perhaps that’s not the point. What makes this event interesting is the scale at which the performance of Dutch nationalism is staged. It is indeed the weaving together of these healthy and fun activities involving children with the Dutch monarchy, which obfuscates the larger issue of Dutch nationalism that is performed here.

posted by Roy Huijsmans

Armstrong’s message to youth

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18 Jan 2013

by Raúl Escobar

Yesterday, in a popular US talkshow, Lance Armstrong admitted his use of forbidden substances like EPO to win seven Tour de France editions. Much has been said about how the use of doping has tainted cycling as a sport. And in the case of Armstrong how it has betrayed the people he was standing for as a cancer survivor.

What has not received much attention yet is how Armstrong’s admittance may affect youth. International sport stars are often (considered) role models for young people, and child and youth organisations have long acted on this awareness. See for example, Save the Children’s recent announcement of Real Madrid football star Cristiano Ronaldo as their new ‘Global Artist Ambassador for Child Hunger and Nutrition‘. In such light, what messages do explanation by sporting heroes about resorting to forbidden substances because everyone else was doing it, and because it was the only way to win send to young people the world over?

For the full interview with Lance Armstrong click HERE.

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