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posted by Roy Huijsmans

The phenomenon of children and youth as migrants has been on policy and scholarly agendas for some time now. And much good quality research has become available on the topic. The Child Migration Research Network (hosted by the University of Sussex) provides a good overview of people working on the theme and relevant publications. However, its focus is on English language work.

A recently launched website hosted by the University of Zaragoza, Aragón, entiteld ‘Minors and Migration: Childhood, Migration and Transnationalism‘ is bilingual (Spanish and English) and provides useful links to various Spanish language work on minors and migration.


posted by Roy Huijsmans

Following a decade of ‘anti-trafficking’ programming the international organisation Terre des Hommes (TdH) makes a remarkable move. Its newly launched international campaign ‘Destination Unknown‘ shifts the programmatic focus away from anti-trafficking and towards the ‘protection of children on the move’.

The launch of the new campaign is accompanied by an interesting publication, entitled ‘Beyond a Snapshot: Learning lessons from the Terre de Hommes International Campaing against child trafficking (2001-2011)‘.

Here an excerpt from p.13:

At the beginning of the campaign, the issue of child trafficking appeared relatively straightforward. Crimes were being committed against children, which were going largely unnoticed, so governments needed lobbying to persuade them to take action. As the years went by, however, the complexity of the issue became more obvious, along with the risk that certain messages linked to the campaign could have unexpected or even counter-productive effects for children. It also became clearer that trafficking cases represented an extreme along a continuum involving children who moved from one place to another…so, measures to prevent trafficking needed to be supplemented by a range of other measures to protect unaccompanied children and other children who had left home, whether they remained in their country or went abroad.


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