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25 Oct 2012

The Association for Research in Cultures of Young People (ARCYP) is a body that ‘promotes the study of and research in young people’s cultures and texts…across a range of disciplines’. It is housed at Simon Fraser University (Canada), but does not limit itself to the Canadian or North-American context.

The Association’s webpages lists plenty of useful information, including academic opportunities in children and youth studies and announcements of recent publications in the field. It also list a number of relevant resources, including ‘listserves’ on topics concerning children and youth studies.

Lastly, ARCYP calls for papers on the following three themes to be presented at the Congress for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, 1-8 June 2013:

*Genderqueer children and youth

*’Growing up Global’: Childhoods in a transnational context

*Institutionalized Spaces, Geographies and Environments of Young People

For more details go HERE.


Over the past two days the Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies (AEGIS) ran a thematic workshop on ‘Children and Migration in Africa’ hosted by SOAS. Kristen Cheney was one of the speakers and presented a paper entitled “Blood Always Finds a Way Home”: AIDS Orphanhood and the transformation of kinship, fosterage, and children’s migration strategies’.

This is the full programme:

AEGIS Thematic Workshop Children and Migration: An Interdisciplinary
Perspective SOAS, London 24-25 May 2012

DAY 1: 22 Russell Square. Room T101
1.30-2.15: Keynote Address
               Benjamin N. Lawrance, Ph.D. Barber B. Conable, Jr. Endowed
Chair of International Studies Rochester Institute of
Technology, Rochester, New York
               ‘Myth, History, and Child Migration in the Atlantic World
of La Amistad’
2.15-3.00: Introductory Roundtable:
               Benjamin N. Lawrance, Jack Lord, Elodie Razy and Marie Rodet
3.00-3.15:  Coffee break
3.15-5.15: Panel 1 – Migrating Children: Between Vulnerability and Agency
                   Robin Chapdelaine, Rutgers, ‘The Codification of
Native Law in an International Context, 1901- 1920s:
Labor, Money Lending and Child Pawnship’
                   Guy Massart, Mindelo Escola Internacional de Arte,
Cape Verde, ‘Childrenąs Mobility in Ghana, the
Revealing Politics of Scales and Depth’ (video).
                   Codou Bop, GREFELS, ‘Cross Border Migration of Malian
Girls Serving as Guides to Beggars in Senegal.’
                   Lindah Mhando, Pennsylvania State University, ‘The
Cinderella Syndrome: Economic Returns, False Hopes and
the Exploitation of Trafficked Senegalese Girls.’
5.15-5.45: Documentary film screening and discussion
                  ‘Coming of Age in Exile: Somali Bantu in Tanzania and
the US’ Directed by Francesca Declich, Urbino
 DAY 2: SOAS Main Building. Room 116.
9.00-11.00: Panel 2 – Bringing Up Children: Learning to Be and Becoming a
Migrant in a Changing world
9.00-10.00: Part 1
                    Paolo Gaibazzi, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin,
‘Cultivating an Agrarian Ethos: Upbringing and
Migration in the Upper Gambia Valley’.
                    Paola Porcelli, Paris 8, “I Will Never Become a
Crocodile but I Am Happy if I Eat Enough’. The
Structural Ambivalence of Child Fosterage in Rural
Mali from a Value-Centered Perspective.
10.00-11.00: Part 2
                    Kristen Cheney, International Institute of Social
Studies, The Hague, “Blood Always Finds a Way
Home”: AIDS Orphanhood and the Transformation of
Kinship, Fosterage, and Children’s Migration
                    Francesca Declich, Urbino University, ‘Children in
exile: agency, traditions and new cultural logics’
11.00-11.15: Coffee break
11.15-13.15: Panel 3 – Education, mobility & immobility
11.15-12.15: Part 1                      Isabelle Denis, Paris Sorbonne,
‘Unfree Children in Mayotta Island (1841-1904)’. Aude Chanson, Paris Denis
Diderot, ‘Migration of Children for Education in Tanganyika’.
12.15-13.15: Part 2
                    Marie Deleigne, Paris Descartes ­ CEPED, ‘Children
Circulation and Schooling in Androy,
Madagascar’.Hannah Hoechner, Oxford, ‘Mobility as a
Contradictory Resource: Peripatetic Qurąanic Students
in Kano, Nigeria’.
13.15-14.00: Lunch
14.00-16.30: Panel 4 – Movement, imagination & making nations
14.00-15.00: Part 1                     Violaine Tisseau, Paris 7,
‘Migration as a Way to Become ‘French’ for Métis Children, Madagascar,
19th-20th century’.
                    Hannah Whittaker, SOAS, ‘Education, Migration and
National Liberation: Mapping the School Days of the
First Sudanese Civil War, 1955-72’.
15.00-16.00: Part 2
                    Jennifer Huynh, Princeton, ‘Reimaging Home: Somali
Nationalism and Representation in the Diaspora’.
                    Oluwole Coker, Obafemi Awoluwo University, ‘Child
Narration as Device for Negotiation for Space and
Identity Formation in Recent Nigerian Migrant
16.00-16.30: General discussion & conclusion
Contact: Marie Rodet mr28@soas.ac.uk

International Institute of Social Studies

ISS is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings together students and teachers from the Global South and the North in a European environment.