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10 Oct 2012

As the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) is celebrating its 60th anniversary this week, it is a good moment to reflect briefly on the attention paid to children and youth in these 60 years of development studies in the Hague.

The ISS can rightly be said to have played an important role in putting questions concerning the role and position of children and young people in development on the agenda. Much of the credit for this goes to Ben White, and a 1982 issue of the journal Development & Change (a journal published on behalf of the ISS) on the topic of ‘working children‘ is evidence of this early concern with children and youth in development and still makes for interesting read!

Issues concerning children and young people have for long been addressed as part of some MA courses at the ISS, but it wasn’t till the academic year 2000/2001 that this was consolidated into what was at first an optional course on ‘Children and Development’ (convened by Karin Arts & Ben White). Interestingly, it were students who played an important role in making this happen as they successfully lobbied for a full course on children in relation to development. Over the past 12 years this initial optional course has grown out into a solid specialization in children and youth studies within an MA programme in Development Studies. In addition, since 2002 the ISS has been offering a 10.5 weeks intensive Postgraduate Course in ‘Children, Youth and Development’.

Given this history of children and youth studies at the ISS it is no surprise to see that this topic is well-covered by the various events happening as part of the ISS’s 60th anniversary. The Development Dialogue organized by the ISS PhD community last Monday and Tuesday included two panels on ‘children & youth’. In addition, the colloquium on Social Policy for Development which is organised as part of the Lustrum activities features a current children and youth studies student and will, among other things, address questions about youth (un)employment.

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