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11 Nov 2015

indexSome interesting positions for Children & Youth Studies people: a funded PhD position at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and two Research Fellow positions in the UK (one at Plymouth University, one at the University of Strathclyde).

The PhD position in Amsterdam is a four year funded position that is part of an NWO-WOTRO funded project entitled Young Burundians tactical agency regarding sexual relations and decision making: From participatory research to evidence-based and practically relevant sexuality education. The successful candidate will be working at the Department of Anthropology and be affiliated to the ‘Health, Care and the Body Programme group‘. S/he will be conducting anthropological research on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights in Burundi. Further details can be found HERE.

The two Research Fellow positions are part of an ESRC funded project entitled ‘Here to Stay? Identity, belonging and citizenship among Eastern European settled migrant children in the UK (a decade after EU enlargement)’. The project will focus specifically on Eastern European migrant children who have lived in the UK for at least three years, and compare their everyday lives and sense of cultural and national identity and belonging across Scotland and England. The Research Fellows will work with Dr Daniela Sime, Dr Naomi Tyrrell and Dr Marta Moskal. For further details on the Plymouth based position see HERE, and for the Strathclyde position go HERE.


The University of Dundee is advertising a three year fully funded PhD position as part of a ESRC/DfID funded project on ‘Social cash transfers, generational relations and youth poverty trajectories in rural Lesotho and Malawi.

The research project and the application process is described in more detail HERE. Within the overall project the PhD researcher is expected to work especially on the question of ‘how political and economic power relationships between national and international institutions are implicated in the design and implementation of SCT schemes’.



The University of Roehampton (London) advertises a number of fully funded PhD scholarships.

This includes a scholarship contributing to a project entitled ‘HyperConnecting Youth / HyperConnecting Schools: Virtual Pedagogy & Global Issues’.

The project is described as follows:

‘At a time of severe global crisis – and for the first time in human history – youth all over the world can access the required technology as to communicate personally with other young people and address common issues across diverse geographical areas. This studentship would contribute to a project developing innovative online/offline and participatory mixed-methods to document and analyse the modalities of young men and women’s hyper-communication about shared problems over longer periods of time across countries and contexts. The project aims to generate rich data resources (online/ offline observation/ interviews/ web-metrics), explore various cases and scenarios of hyper-communication with regard to various platforms, apps and social media and create a new pedagogical paradigm for understanding and supporting contemporary youth in dealing with urgent issues such as poverty, economic crisis, unemployment or climate change on global level.’

Funded PhD positions

Category: scholarships

25 Feb 2015

oxforOxford University advertises two funded PhD positions as part of a Humanities and Science project entitled Childhood maltreatment and lifetime resilience.

The research project on Childhood maltreatment and lifetime resilience is funded through TORCH, the Oxford Research Centre in Humanities, by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Its central concern is with ‘how people, variously, find ways to make live-able lives following abuse and neglect in childhood’ and its novelty is in the combination of historical and psychological approaches to understanding resilience across the life-course.

To this end, one candidate wil be situated in the Faculty of History and working on the subject of ‘Child abuse and neglect in mid-twentieth-century Britain’. The other candidate will work on a D.Phil. in the Department of Experimental Psychology on the subject of ‘Child maltreatment and psychopathology: an investigation of risk and resilience’.

Further details HERE.


downloadThe Centre for Children’s Rights Studies at the University of Geneva advertises two funded PhD positions part of a Swiss National Science Foundation sponsored interdisciplinary research project on child labour and working children’s rights.

The first vacancy concerns a study of the opinions of working children and their organizations, and implies field work with working children in Senegal and in other West African countries.

The second vacancy concerns a study of the discourses around claims made by working children to recognize their right to work in dignity, and involves a detailed analysis of policy and legal documents on child labour.

Overall, the project’s major focus is described as concerned with ‘how opinions of working children on their rights circulate in the space between local and international understandings of children’s rights’.


International Institute of Social Studies

ISS is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings together students and teachers from the Global South and the North in a European environment.