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The ECPAT office in Bangkok is looking for a Senior Researcher.

ISS alumna who have specialised in Children & Youth studies are especially qualified as the position requires, among other things:

  • Post-graduate degree in human rights, development studies, law, international relations, law or social sciences;
  • Updated knowledge of major international and regional policy, legal and programme frameworks relating to human and social development, child/human rights and child protection-related issues;
  • Experience in working with human rights and social development issues, specifically as these relate to the rights of children and child protection, ideally in the area of sexual abuse and exploitation;
  • Experience and demonstrated capacity of advocating for children’s rights and other social issues internationally and/or regionally;

Please note that the vacancy is still open despite the April deadline stated in the ad.


12 June marked the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour.

Organisations like ILO-IPEC use this to reinforce their message of banning child labour through minimum age of employment regulations. Such interventions are often presented as acting in the best interest of children. Yet, working children are seldom consulted about these measures and interventions and if they speak out their voices are rarely heard.

The organisation the Concerned for Working Children used the occasion of the ‘World Day’ to draw attention to these forgotten or muted voices. It does so through the short film Forgotten on the Pyjama Trail which is well worth watching. The film presents a children’s perspective and shows the effects of international minimum age of employment regulations on working children’s lives using a case study from the Egyptian garment sector. The Latin American Working Children Movement (MOLACNATS) expresses similar concerns in this short Spanish language clip.

posted by Roy Huijsmans



The International Institute of Social Studies is looking for a researcher (MA or PhD level) to work on a ESRC/DfID funded research project on ‘Education systems, aspiration and learning in remote rural settings‘.

The position is open for Lao nationals only and is 18 months full-time. The successful applicant will spend about 9 months in Laos conducting ethnographic research in two remote rural settings and the remainder of the time at the ISS in The Hague, the Netherlands. Details about the position can be found HERE.

Note further a fully funded PhD position and two postdoctoral positions with the project but based at Brunel University.


The Bangalore, India, based organisation ‘The Concerned for Working Children‘ will soon release ‘Fogotten on the Pyjama Trail‘ (and HERE) – it highlights some of the problems of ‘banning’ children’s paid employment.

The nearly 20 minutes film is inspired by actual events that took place in Morocco. The story is based on Fathima, who works in a Moroccan garment factory and who experiences the ‘banning’ of her work. Such interventions are common but as the film indicates typically based on a poor understanding of children’s work.


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