Youth employment prospects and aspirations

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11 Apr 2015



The current issue (no. 120) of the online journal Inside Indonesia is themed ‘Youth employment prospects and aspirations’, guest-edited by Yatun Sastradmidjaja and Suzanne Naafs.

The editions brings together a number of international and Indonesian scholars. The contributions are short and highly accessible articles presenting cutting-edge research on a number of issues relating to youth, schooling, work and aspirations, which relevance goes well beyond the Indonesian context on which the articles are based. It includes contributions by two ISS alumni: Wenty Marina Minza (‘Aspiring to become a civil servant‘) and Suzanne Naafs (‘Negotiating access‘), and a co-authored article by ISS emeritus professor Ben White and Akatiga (‘Would I like to be a farmer?‘).

The guest editors decribe the issue as follows:

This edition of Inside Indonesia illustrates the various challenges that young people face in trying to match their dreams and skills with the work opportunities available to them in rural, metropolitan and industrial areas. This fills an important gap in our understanding of young people’s life worlds in Indonesia. While recent studies have documented the lifestyles of middle-class youth, questions about work and how young people pay for their lifestyle needs have been largely neglected. For many young people the meaning of work goes beyond consumption and lifestyle needs. They need an income to finance their education and plan for the future, attract a girl or boyfriend, fulfil their responsibilities to their families, contribute to their communities – and achieve personal goals for self-fulfilment and a meaningful life.


Kenyan Youth Board

September 22nd, 2015 at 21:58

It’s true that young people who are the youth have a lot of potential to contribute to the development and growth of the countries economy. But they can only do that with the right life and work skills. We at Kenyan Youth board do educate the youth members by providing effective entrepreneurial training courses, life skills and work skills that will impact the youth to hold the highest standard of work ethics and professionalism and in the end we do also provide industrial attachment and job opportunities and do believe that the education, skills and experience that we provide for these young people will enable them to competently take part in the development and growth of the economy. Please do feel free to visit our website:

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