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CIRI members, Karin Astrid Siegmann, Peter Knorringa, and Jeroen Merk, Research and Policy Coordinator at Clean Clothes Campaign, a European alliance of organisations aiming at improving working conditions and workers’ empowerment in the global garment and sportswear industries, are doing joint research on voluntary initiatives (VIs) as nongovernmental systems of labor regulation in global production networks (GPNs). They investigate to what extent and how VIs with a more active role for labour lead to improved labour conditions.

Signing of Indonesia FoA protocol June 2011Wright’s (2000) theory of the mechanisms enabling positive class compromise is applied to a VI that has been implemented in the Indonesian sportswear industry: In June 2011, a protocol on Freedom of Association was signed by Indonesian trade unions, large Indonesian manufacturers and major multinational brands. Draft versions of the paper have been presented at the 2013 International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) that took place at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations from March 18-20, 2013  as well as during the workshop on “Integrating labour and skills into global value chains” at the University of Birmingham, 25-26th April, 2013. The presentation from the International Labour Process Conference is available here.

A group of 26 MA students visited Berlin and spent three fun and informative days. They visited the parliament, the Rosa Luxembourg foundation, and the International Transparency Organization, and had time for a guided tour around the city. From the perspective of GPPE’s student rep Maria Saleme: ‘this experience definitely gave us the insight we were looking for in academic terms, but it also let us come together and bond as a group. It was a wonderful experience that every major should have at some point…”
Maria also mentioned that “for such a large group, we managed to be on-time everywhere and agree on many destinations. It was really interesting, and we think if we had had more time, we could had been able to visit many other places, and many organizations we also wanted to visit were interested on receiving us, but in such a short time and knowing that a large group of people takes longer to move from one place to another, we limited our visits a bit…”

Below you will find three different images on this trip shared by GPPE students!

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