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Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey has just published an interesting Reflection on ‘the challenges faced by international law due to the advent of the Anthropocene.’ This new term, coined in the eighties and popularized in 2000 by Nobel laureate for chemistry Paul Crutzen, refers to a new era characterized by the human intervention on the Earth’s […]

Dear readers, Welcome to the re-launched blog of the Department of International and European Union Law of the Erasmus University! Largely corresponding to the research interests of the members of the Department, this blog focuses on issues related to International and European Union law.  These include – but are not limited to – the framework […]

Introduction On Thursday 11 December 2014 the department of International and European Public Law organised a study trip to The Hague. On that day LL.M. students of the ESL IEPL programme together with Mr. Chris Koppe LL.M, B.A, an EU law lecturer at the IEPL department and organiser of the study trip, visited the Peace […]

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In een werkstad als Rotterdam is arbeidsrecht elke dag onderwerp van discussie. Een in arbeidsrechtelijke vraagstukken gespecialiseerde sectie kan dan ook niet ontbreken binnen Erasmus School of Law te Rotterdam. De sectie Arbeidsrecht is een jong en dynamisch team van arbeidsrechtspecialisten. Blijf op de hoogte van de wervelende dynamiek binnen dit wetenschappelijke vakgebied en het praktische werkveld: het arbeidsrecht volgens de Rotterdamse school!

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