Welcome to the Erasmus School of Law!

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10 Sep 2012

It is Sunday the 9th of September; it is the day before we start classes in the Master International and European Public Law (‘Master IEPL’, is what we often call it). My expectations are high, in terms of student achievements and our own and both regarding our Bachelor and Master courses.

I take this opportunity to extend a special welcome to all the students who are participating in the Master IEPL, some of who have come from far and all of who, I suspect, have a mission. That mission I hope involves excelling in European and/or international law and/or one of the many sub-fields of these areas of law. Additionally, it may also involve getting to know a new city, country or continent. The latter of course can also be achieved by undertaking an internship or studying abroad. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you, to getting to know you during the course of the year and to assist you in realizing your mission.

By way of introduction I would like to offer you a bit of insight into what occupies us at the department of public international law. All of us engage in teaching and research. Management responsibilities are mine, but I also share a number of these tasks with other members of the department. Information about the department is available at the department’s website: www.eslpil.com

As far as teaching is concerned, we are presently heavily involved in revising our Bachelor courses, as part of Erasmus School of Law project to move to problem-based-learning and to activate students. Aleksandar Momirov, Marjolein Schaap and Paulo da Rosa are most heavily involved in this project. Active student participation during class is also what we stimulate during our master courses: so please ask questions and challenge our reasoning and opinions – this approach also helps us to continue learning. You will have the opportunity to meet most of us in class during your master studies.

As far as research is concerned, some of us have external funding for our research, either for a longer period of time (Monika Ambrus and Jeroen Temperman) or for a shorter period of time and on a project basis (Andria Naudé Fouri and myself). In addition, some of the members of the department have recently enjoyed sabbaticals abroad (Alessandra Arcuri at the European Institute in Florence and myself at the School of Law of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia). Some of us also supervise doctoral research projects of candidates housed at the faculty, such as Nathanael Ali and Marjolein Schaap, and external doctoral students. We consider external doctoral students to be part of our group even if they may be located far away, such as Emelie Folkesson, who for the time being lives in Chicago, and Jolene Lin, who lives in Hong Kong. Suzan Handke and Zoltan Turbek liver closer by and you may have a chance to meet them, if they come to visit during the year. If you wish to know more about our collective and individual research interests, please have a look at our research project and our individual profiles.

It might be useful to let you know that all of us are committed to what we do. This commitment means that we enjoy our jobs and take what we do rather seriously, even if we might not take ourselves all that seriously.

This year, as other years, current developments in international and European policy and law will be incorporated in our classes. Think of for example the Euro-crisis, anti-terrorism measures adopted by the United Nations Security Council and other institutions and the increased risk of floods and draughts due to climate change. European and international law are rapidly changing as a result of, among other things, these developments and will continue to change in future. Our aim, together with our colleagues at the department of European Law, is to assist you in your preparation for working in an ever changing legal context.

In addition to regular classes, you may also wish to engage with international or European law by way of participating in various European or international moot court competitions for which we offer supervision, the annual study-trip to European and international organizations located in Europe or the Research Lab, which I co-teach with Professor Sanne Taekema.

I anticipate and wish you all an interesting, fruitful and rewarding academic year 2012-2013 and am looking forward to the graduation ceremony for the class of 2013 at the end of the academic year!

Prof. Dr. Ellen Hey
Professor of public international law and coordinator of the Master IEPL

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September 10th, 2012 at 14:53

Lots of luck to everybody starting this year! Last year was fantastic and the professors in EUR of the highest academic standards!


Nasha Desbarida

September 24th, 2012 at 14:05

Thank you very much. We started some weeks ago and at the beginning I was like’ where do I have to start’. I’m getting used to the judiciary terminology and I’m more and more passionate by the lectures. I’m sure that we will learn a lot this year.

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